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A sponsor is defined as a salaried manager or above, an ASDS or HR partner. The sponsor has a critical role in The Homer Fund application process. Without the assistance of the sponsor, an associate in need CANNOT apply for Homer Fund assistance.

Once the sponsor has been notified that an associate is in hardship, it is their responsibility to help that associate navigate the application process. This includes:

  • Helping to determine eligibility (requires the sponsor to have a good understanding of the hardship)
  • Printing the appropriate Prep Pack to address the hardship
  • Submitting the electronic application once the associate completes the Prep Pack (must have a Homer Fund personal account)
  • Acting as a liaison between the associate in need and The Homer Fund, aiding in the advancement of the process to avoid delays

A Homer Fund personal account is necessary to complete an application for an associate in need. If you do not already have an account, email The Homer Fund for assistance.

The buttons below will provide guidance and answer many of your questions about the application process. Please call The Homer Fund at (770) 384-2611 for further assistance.

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