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Natural Disaster Response for Sponsors

immediate needs vs. urgent needs

If an associate is in an area impacted by a natural disaster, The Homer Fund offers two ways to assist with necessities.

  1. Associates with an immediate need for safe shelter, food and clothing may be eligible for an emergency natural disaster grant.
  2. Associates with the need for repairs or establishing a new residence may qualify for the standard Direct Grant.

Please review the explanations below to determine how The Homer Fund might assist with needs related to a natural disaster.


The emergency natural disaster grant is available for associates in IMMEDIATE need of safe shelter because their homes are currently uninhabitable (i.e., structural damage or evacuation). Use this grant to assist associates fitting the following description:

  • Associates living in a mandatory or strongly recommended evacuation area
  • Associates who cannot afford the cost of evacuation (i.e., paying for temporary housing & food while displaced)
    • Evacuating associates who will be staying with family/friends do not qualify for assistance with housing
  • The loss of electricity alone does not qualify for a grant UNLESS electricity is a medical necessity or power has been out for 48 hours.
  • Associates should apply through a member of management at their store
  • Grant funds will be distributed via a Western Union wire for immediate access
  • Western Union confirmation numbers will be provided via email, so please provide accurate email address for associates
  • Associates who do not provide an email address must call The Homer Fund or their manager (Crisis Command Line, if activated) in order to get their confirmation number
  • Associates must have the ability to retrieve funds and use those funds for housing, food and/or clothing

Please allow a 4-hour processing time during normal business hours, and The Homer Fund staff will process emergency grants until 7:00pm after hours


The Direct Grant application is available for post-storm needs for associates who need assistance to

  • move into a new residence
  • repair current residence (structural, not aesthetic)
  • pay insurance deductibles, and/or
  • replace clothing

Applications are to be submitted by management post-disaster once need is determined and appropriate documentation (i.e., insurance claim letter, repair estimates, etc.) is received.

To reach a Homer Fund staff member with questions or concerns, please call (770) 384-2611.