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Homer Fund Management Board & Staff

Homer Fund Board Members

BJ Powers

Brad Seitel

Crystal Hanlon, Board Chair

Jennifer Hepp

Jim Emge

John Carr

Layne Thome

Nicolas Darget Lacoste

Ro Rodriguez

Scott Jacobson

Stacy Ingram

Sylvester Johnson

Tim Wilkerson

Homer Fund Staff

Erin Izen, Executive Director

Sharon Robinson, Director

Cheryl King, Manager, Grant Programs and Special Projects

Evelyn Issa, Manager, Natural Disaster and Resources

Alfred Anderson, Senior Analyst (Direct Grants)

Antwanette Jones, Specialist (Matching Grants)

Debra Ige, Senior Analyst (Direct Grants)

Lonnie Lucero, Project Coordinator (Matching Grants)

Qumeshia Montgomery, Senior Analyst (Direct Grants)

Sarah Choi, Senior Analyst (Direct Grants)

Saran Pierre, Senior Analyst (Direct Grants)