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Direct Grant


The Direct Grant program helps associates who are facing financial hardships, tragedies and unexpected difficulties due to no fault of their own. Typically, the grant will assist with past due basic living expenses due to an unforeseen circumstance such as death, natural disaster, fire, illness, injury or unanticipated increase in family size. The Direct Grant may also assist with unemployment of an associate or spouse that is due to a lay-off or company closure ONLY or an unexpected sale of home or foreclosure due to no fault of their own.

An associate must have a qualifying circumstance and, as a result, does not have the ability to maintain their basic living expenses. If approved, a Direct Grant pays up to $10,000 of living expenses. If you think you may be eligible for a Direct Grant, see the Grant Eligibility Quick Test below or talk to your manager.

In order to receive a Direct Grant, the circumstance causing the hardship must take place during the associate's employment with The Home Depot.

The associate must have a qualifying event AND a qualifying expense, and having one without the other generally means the situation does not meet the set criteria for a Direct Grant. If an associate’s situation does not qualify for assistance through the Direct Grant, please consider a Matching Grant as an alternative option. Guidelines establishing the qualifying events and expenses are defined by The Homer Fund’s Management Board.

For more information regarding qualifying circumstances for a Direct Grant CLICK HERE

Do you still have questions? Visit the Direct Grant FAQs page