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Team Depot Programs


The Team Depot SOP provides detail on how to conduct projects that include planning, beneficiary guidance, and more. There is no limit on the number of volunteers allowed, however, consider the amount of tasks and work needed for a successful project.

Team Depot projects that meet current restrictions, Kitting/Parking Lot projects, and Disaster Response projects are also available. Please look below for more detail or click here, for more on Disaster Response.

2023 Beneficiaries

SmartSimple Grant Platform

Listed here, will be a step by step guide that provides instructions on how to apply for the grants.

All Community Captains must read and understand these Team Depot SOP before doing a project. Additionally, an updated Team Depot Waiver has been created and must accompany each project.

ProgramDescriptionMax FundingApplication LinkSupporting Assets

Team Depot Volunteer Project

Applies to all exterior and interior Team Depot volunteer projects. For program detail, click here. Up to $330
per associate

Project Playbook

Parking Lot/Kitting Project

Applies to all Team Depot volunteer projects happening ON Home Depot property. These projects typically include assembling kits (home care, hygiene, disaster cleanup, etc.) or building commonly used structures such as picnic tables, benches, sheds, and playhouses. Up to $330 per associate

Kitting Projects

$5K per store/ $15K per district per nonprofit

Here Disaster Kit

Home Care Kit
Disaster Relief DonationSupport a nonprofit or government agency responding to a natural disaster (hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and flooding). Prior approval from your division's Foundation Field Manager is required.

No set budget; funding depends on severity of disaster

HereDisaster Kit
Volunteer Only (formerly Store Sponsored Projects)Record volunteer activity for completed Team Depot projects that either required no funding or utilized store markdowns. Store sponsored projects should involve a minimum of 5 associates and regularly scheduled DIY and Kids Workshops do not count. For program detail, click here.No funding requiredHereProject Ideas
Store/Photo Submission Share stories of associates going above and beyond and submit post-project photos. Content may be used by our communications team to highlight associates and projects across internal and external Home Depot channels. N/A Here PR Guidelines