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Plan a Project

Team Depot Program Contacts

Courtney Smith

Non-Store Field Teams & Northern Division, Manager

Chuck Segel

Northern Division Specialist, Team Depot Support

Adam Goslin

Southern Division, Manager

Kristine Cohn

Southern Division Specialist, Team Depot Training

Ryan Braddy

Western Division, Manager

Gabe Sneller

Foundation Projects, Manager

Danny Watson

Western, Sr. Specialist Foundation Projects

Lee Hendrickson

Corporate Volunteerism, Manager

Joe Wimberley

National, Sr. Manager

Site Visit

A site visit will aid you in planning your project to assure it's suitable in work-load, the number of volunteers needed, travel time for associates and any other issues relevant to your volunteers.

Project Site Visit Checklist

Plan Your Project

Project planning provides a detailed time frame for all aspects of a project and is a great tool for Spring Into Service and Operation Surprise. Listed below are a number of resources to help you!

Nonprofit Document

Project Planning Checklist

Project Playbook

Giving Guidelines

Project Scope Guideline

Team Depot Volunteer Waiver

Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

Grant Documentation

Listed below are examples of documents that can be cause for delay or denial of a grant application, when they are NOT included in the online application. Work with your nonprofit partner to assure these documents are uploaded when they submit their online application.

Store Quote

IRS Determination Letter Sample

Proof of Liability Insurance