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Community Partners

Team Depot Program Contacts

Courtney Smith
Northern Division, Manager

Sean Vissar
Southern Division, Manager

Ryan Braddy
Western Division, Manager

Kristine Cohn
National, Team Depot Training

Joe Wimberley
National, Sr. Manager

The Home Depot Foundation works with a small group of the nation's most engaged and respected nonprofit partners, along with thousands of local nonprofit organizations to directly address the needs of our veteran communities, as well as to help families impacted by natural disasters.

Listed below are a couple of resources that will assist you in locating a nonprofit in your area. The "Nonprofit Resource Guide" is a list of organizations who have been awarded Team Depot grants within the last five years.

Nonprofit Resource Guide

Nonprofit Partner Keyword Search List

Proper planning with your nonprofit partner is vital to the success of your Team Depot project. Listed below are a couple of resources to assure you're on track!

Project Site Visit Checklist

Project Planning Checklist

Donation Coupons Instructions Log Sheet

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