2022 Captain Directory


Team Depot Program Contacts

Courtney Smith
Northern Division, Manager

Ryan Braddy
Western Division, Manager

Kristine Cohn
National, Team Depot Training

Charles Segel
National, Team Depot Support

Joe Wimberley
National, Sr. Manager

Disaster relief is available for natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, severe flooding, wildfires, extreme heat or winter storms. Below is the process on how to secure funding if your area experiences a disaster.

Contact Field Manager ASAP

Your Field Manager can activate on average $1,000 in store product donations per store per disaster. Please be sure you have received approval from your grant manager, before submitting an application.

When requesting disaster funding, submit the application through the Smart Simple Grant Platform which can be found here.

Disaster Relief Media Training Kit

Follow the steps below to apply for a Disaster grant:

1. Grant Application Homepage: Go to: https://foundation.homedepot.com

2. When you open your new grant application, click the drop-down menu and select Team Depot Donation as your application type.

App Type ST Disaster Final

3. For project activity, select Disaster Relief Donation.

Project Activity ST Disaster Final

4. Choose the correct nonprofit organization. A list of organizations will populate as you type. Review and select the right one.

App Type ST Disaster

5. Project title and description will be valuable in detailing your request. As we work with our PR partners, the more information, the better. Include significant parts of your story that are impactful and unique.

Project Description ST Disaster

6. Disaster grant attachments are critical. Include the W-9 or IRS letter and the Store quote.

W9 ST Disaster

Please submit the application once you've completed the grant. The submission will follow the same process for all Team Depot grant applications. If you have questions, please contact your Division Manager.