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Team Depot Program Contacts

Courtney Smith

Non-Store Field Teams & Northern Division, Manager

Chuck Segel

Northern Division Specialist, Team Depot Support

Adam Goslin

Southern Division, Manager

Kristine Cohn

Southern Division Specialist, Team Depot Training

Ryan Braddy

Western Division, Manager

Gabe Sneller

Foundation Projects, Manager

Danny Watson

Western, Sr. Specialist Foundation Projects

Lee Hendrickson

Corporate Volunteerism, Manager

Joe Wimberley

National, Sr. Manager

Team Depot Guidance

The Program Resource Guideline, provides a menu of options for Community Captains to consider that meets their store's operating environment while adhering to CDC and government guidelines. To choose from a variety of program options, click here for the Team Depot programs.

Additionally, we have updated our Team Depot SOP and waiver to include guidance for Team Depot projects. Any Community Captain that is doing a project must follow these guidelines. ​

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