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Team Depot Grant Platform

The Team Depot grant platform is currently closed and will not allow for grant applications. The Foundation is making an investment to improve your experience. The new grant platform will open Monday, February 1st and you will be able to submit applications at that time. For more information keep track here, on the Toolbox and watch for upcoming email notifications. If you have questions, please contact your Division Manager.

Team Depot 2020 Guidance

With the safety of our associates and community members as our guiding principle, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Team Depot program are now available. The new Program Resource Guideline, provides a menu of options for Community Captains to consider that meets their store's operating environment while adhering to CDC and government guidelines. To choose from a variety of program options, click here for the Team Depot programs.

Additionally, we have updated our Team Depot COVID Operating Guidelines and waiver to include COVID-specific guidance for Team Depot projects. Any Community Captain that is doing a project must follow these guidelines until further notice. ​

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