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Homer Fund COVID-19 Response

Homer Fund Assistance Related to COVID-19

The Homer Fund is continuing to monitor COVID-19 and evaluate opportunities to serve our associates during this unprecedented time.

In addition to postponing all fundraising events and group Matching Grant collections, we have taken additional measures to streamline the application process and outline a specific COVID-19 application and Prep Pack for necessary documentation.

Most impacted associates will fall within our existing illness/injury or unemployment criteria for assistance, where qualifying expenses fall behind as a result of loss of income. We know there will be unique or extreme situations and we will address them accordingly. As a reminder, IRS guidelines prohibit employee relief funds from compensating associates or spouses directly in any way, so we cannot replace income lost.

We will process all requests as swiftly as possible. You can help us with our ability to respond quickly by ensuring submission of a complete application, including:

  • Electronic application (completed by authorized sponsor only; must have ALL of the following prior to submission)
    • Sponsors must have a Homer Fund personal account in order to complete the electronic application; contact for help with this process
  • Direct Grant Prep Pack (completed by associate in need; must complete ALL relevant fields to prevent delays/follow-up questions)
  • Copies of past due bills related to COVID-19 impact, for example:
    • Past due rent/mortgage statement
    • Past due utility bills
    • Past due car loan/insurance
    • Funeral expenses (associate, legal spouse/dependent, parent only)
    • Medical insurance premiums
    • Emergency housing/shelter
    • Emergency travel expenses
    • Food (immediate needs only)

Lack of documentation is the primary reason for delays and declination.

Relevant proof of COVID-19 impact, for example:

  • Notification of school closure
  • Employment layoff
  • Copy of quote to purchase plane ticket for emergency travel

Homer Fund Campaign and COVID-19

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to unfold, we have made the decision to postpone The Homer Fund campaign. Out of an abundance of caution, and with the interest of our associates in mind, please use the following guidelines effective immediately:

The Homer Fund:

  1. Please postpone all Homer Fund group activities including campaign fundraising events and Matching Grant collections. If there’s an active Matching Grant collection in your store, please tell associates who to see to make a donation.
  2. While associates can donate to The Homer Fund at any time, we will no longer actively request campaign donations. Instead, we will focus our attention on providing support to those in need. Please remind associates The Homer Fund provides assistance with many of the expenses impacted by loss of income due to illness, such as COVID-19.
  3. We will no longer be reporting campaign participation.

The safety of our associates remains our primary concern, and we will be in touch with more information as soon as possible.